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Rockymodo the Musical

The return of Rockymodo

Another song from my musical archive. This is an up-tempo, jaunty song, sung by our leading man on his return to Paris after several years away. He is completely transformed as opposed to deformed. He has also come into a huge wad of cash…..

Actor 1: Why not tell us where you’ve been all these years via the medium of song and dance?

Rocky: (Spoken) I will.

Rocky: I met an eminent physician who with skill and fine precision

Removed my lump and straightened up my spine

And though still very weak, he taught me how to speak

And I gained appreciation of good wine…

Now my underpants are satin, I read Greek and I speak Latin

I give lectures on Egyptian Hieroglyphs

I’ve a smattering of Hindu; I can cook a 9-course menu (Pronounced ‘Min You’)

And my soufflés rise up like the Dover cliffs…

 I’ve dallied with a sailor on an ocean-going whaler

And met a few strange ladies in Bangkok

And I can state there’s nothing finer than the tea they brew in China

Though I’ve never ever tasted Blackpool Rock…

I’ve become a first-class horseman

And at Bridge I make a foursome

I can dance a dozen dances like a pro

I’ve mastered mathematics

I no longer live in attics

And I’m happy to give lots of things a go…

I’m expert in ancient pottery

I’ve won the Paris Lottery

I’m as rich as Croesus, filthy rich and so…

I expect you’ll all be sorry now I’m rolling in this lolly

For treating me so bad so long ago

Yes sir

For treating me so bad so long ago…

Rocky: (spoken) Dance

(Dance routine)

On me good fortune has been stacked

My bags have all been packed

I must bid you all a cheery fond farewell

As I set out on my new life with my beautiful young wife

Far away from this squalor and the smell…

But now I’m hale & hearty, I’ve organised a party

To show there’s no bad feeling on my part

(Slow) As I wipe my teary eye

(Slow) Whisper my last fond goodbye

And leave you with this silent deadly fart ( Probably need to think of a different last line)


Published by crispinunderfelt

All round good egg. Humanist and red wine drinker.

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