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Kung Fu

Prompted by Herb

He’d trained in every martial art

As fit as any Ninja

And as he trained, he fought through pain

Our man was not a whinger

He could push his hands through brick

Smash a timber inches thick

Walk on fire, hold his breath

So many times he’d cheated death

In over forty Kung Fu flicks

He’d battled thugs with flails and sticks

But though those films were thought outdated

His ego still was much inflated

Then all his dreams went down the drain

Car stalled on crossing, driving rain

Bad luck would now deflate his claim

To be much faster than a train


Published by crispinunderfelt

All round good egg. Humanist and red wine drinker.

8 thoughts on “Kung Fu

      1. Well, I think the getting hit by a train is the easier part. At least at first. With the other you get the pain up front. Whenever I would tell them some story that was more or less a whopper I would say that.

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    1. I’m pleased that you still seem to be enjoying my offerings albeit that they are microscopic compared to your jottings. I sat today and wrote the section where Tarquin Fleet ‘The Infant Wonder’ opens the ceremony for the plimsole… I can’t post it yet as I’ve still got to complete the run up to it… I sat and read it out to Mrs Underfelt and she cringed at all the points that I expected her to… Result…

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