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Thompson’s Lost Plimsole

Part ten:  An elderly, monocle-wearing gent stood before the trophy filled cabinets staring intently at one of the photographs. Mr Davies sidled up to him and asked the gent if he was admiring the display. “It’s strange,” said the old chap, “but I seem to recognise one or two of the fellows in some ofContinue reading “Thompson’s Lost Plimsole”

Thompson’s lost plimsole

Part Seven Still stuck in the Outback The three day setback had allowed Gerald’s arch-rival, Chinese hopping champion, Wai Tulong, to gain a substantial lead. This inscrutable oriental had managed somehow to hitch a ride on the back of a semi-tame Kangaroo, and whilst this may in most right thinking people’s minds be considered asContinue reading “Thompson’s lost plimsole”

Thompson’s lost plimsole

Part four Tarquin Fleet the Infant Wonder Preparations were well underway for the ceremony regarding the rediscovery of Thompson’s lost plimsole, when a letter was received from the town hall clerk to say, that due to unforeseen circumstances, the Mayoral party, The Worshipful the Mayor of Hallifield, Councillor Frank Bigot, the Mayoress and the Sheriff,Continue reading “Thompson’s lost plimsole”