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The boy with the plasticine head

On his first day at school, sat on a stool

At the back of the class looking glum

Sat Plasticine Boy, his mum’s pride and joy

With his Plasticine head, arms and bum

Being bullied by everyone round him

Squeezing his head out of shape

Pressing his nose, tweaking his ears

Till he looked like a wizened old grape

As the bell rang for mid-morning break

That sad Boy finally made his escape

He could still hear the jeers

Through what once were his ears

As he ran through that hateful school gate

Then at home, frantic knocks on the door

As his Plasticine tears hit the floor

His mother let out such a yelp

“Who are you? What’d ya want? Can I help?”

“I’m your boy, Let me in, can’t you see?”

But his mother declined to agree

So rather than give the boy grace

She slammed the front door in his face

As that malleable boy walked away

Ne’er to be seen from that day

What his mum and his chums had forgotten

As they took it in turns to be rotten

You can have money and looks in amounts

But it’s what’s on the inside that counts


Published by crispinunderfelt

All round good egg. Humanist and red wine drinker.

9 thoughts on “The boy with the plasticine head

      1. OK – I felt I had to add something here…

        Young Lawrence was ever so happy
        As happy as Larry they said;
        He smiled when he woke in the morning,
        He smiled when he climbed into bed.
        And sometimes he grinned all the day through
        He chortled the day he got wed.
        His wife found the whole thing quite charming,
        But sometimes he made her see red.
        One day when she wanted his silence,
        He just kept on laughing instead
        And she felt that she needed to tell him
        There was something quite wrong in his head.
        ‘You shouldn’t keep laughing at all things you know.
        It’s really not seemly,’ she said.
        ‘And it just drives me quite to distraction’
        At which point she shot him quite dead.

        OK. I won’t do it again!

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