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The Orphan Song from Rockymodo the Musical

The words may not scan if you try to read it as a poem. However, it fits to the tune…

I’m the obligatory orphan

There’s one in nearly every show

It’s my job to jerk the tears from your eyes

And turn your heart from stone…

My mummy didn’t love me

My daddy beat me black and blue

If only you’d adopt me

You know you really do want to…

I’ve probably got no future

Simply more abuse and pain

And when I’ve finished singing

I’ll crawl back into my drain…

I eat the rotten vegetables that other people throw

At others in the stocks

And then at night when I crawl back in my drain

I fall asleep on the excrement and rocks…

(Chorus) Those shitty rocks

I don’t want you to pity me

Or notice as you pass me by

I’ll just whisper, please sir, have a nice day

As I crawl away and die…

I’m just the obligatory orphan

Looking at the stars up above

Praying that someday, someone will come my way

And show me a little love  (Disney type angelic chorus)

(Child coughs then looks at audience and says) “Don’t worry, it’s only Tuberculosis”.


Published by crispinunderfelt

All round good egg. Humanist and red wine drinker.

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