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All the fun of the fair

She begged him to go on the Cyclone

And all of the rides at the fair

They’d been on the Helter Skelter

The waltzers, and just for a dare

The Ghost Ride, The Death Slide, The Steamboats

And a few that he just couldn’t stand

The spinning was making him queasy

And disrupting his new gastric band

Although they had been on the big rides

He still hadn’t won her a thing

So they had a few goes on the Hoopla

Trying to win a gold ring

“Let’s have a turn on the Rockets” she said

As he boarded, he thought, big mistake

Round and around and then up and then down

If only this thing had a brake

The bolt on the rocket was faulty

It came out and they shot through the air

It was strange how the next few things happened

She looked round but he just wasn’t there!

He found himself back at the Hoopla

With one of the hoops in his hand

She carried on in that Rocket

But found somewhere softer to land

Rushing to see where he’d got to

She soon saw a crowd standing round

Shouting and whooping and cheering

So she pushed through to see what they’d found

With his last dying breath for his girlfriend

He created sensation and shock

As he was the first in the history of time

To get a hoop over the block

As her partner lay mangled and lifeless

She could feel proud of herself

As the stall holder said, pointing upwards

“Choose any prize off the top shelf”

Photo credit: Scott Webb


Published by crispinunderfelt

All round good egg. Humanist and red wine drinker.

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