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Archibald Soap was a bit of a dope

And a serial killer to boot

For a year and a day, he murdered away

And lived like a king of his loot

He hadn’t watched that many crime shows

Made every mistake in the book

The detectives laid traps to secure him

Reeled him in like a fish on a hook

He begged the old Judge to be lenient

The Judge, with a frown, replied “Nope”

He begged for his life, “I’ve a child and a wife”

But now he’s just Soap on a Rope

Photo credit: Cottonbro


Published by crispinunderfelt

All round good egg. Humanist and red wine drinker.

7 thoughts on “Soap

    1. The trouble with that poem is that it only works if you remember the phenomenon that was, Soap on a Rope… The Christmas gift that every father liked to find in his Christmas stocking! Along with aftershave. Do you think our families were telling us that we stink?

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  1. That’s not what you used to say Chris! Loved this poem. Bizarrely I have just mentioned soap on a rope for a piece to come. Mind you, not unusual for us to find the same things funny 😜


    1. Talking about thinking the same things… I was talking to her indoors about creating my own photo for this blog and that I needed to find a pair of false teeth… What did i see later that evening? Your blog with a picture of false teeth. Spooky or what?

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